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Treatment of Acute Warts

New, effective treatment without relapses.

Acidic warts are often asymptomatic, clinical lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. They are caused by human papillomavirus infection (HPV = Human Papillomavirus). They are the most common sexually transmitted disease.

– What’s the cause of the acidic warts?

HPV is responsible for the appearance of warts. It consists of more than 100 stems. These should be divided into low-risk and high-risk. The most common types that are implicated in the appearance of warts are 6.11 (low risk) but along with them, one can be infected with high-risk stems such as 16.18,31,33,35. These are associated with malformation and/or genital cancer.

– What’s the treatment for acute warts?

As a therapeutic protocol, cryotherapy, diathermocoagulation or Laser CO2 are usually applied. Tzouma Clinic dermatologists will select the appropriate treatment protocol for each patient. In several cases, imiquimod cream is given as monotherapy or in combination with previous treatments. At the same time, it will be necessary to strengthen the patient’s immune system with special food supplements and avoid the factors that cause virus activation. Today the treatment with Laser CO2 is considered as the treatment of choice.

All lesions are eliminated using sophisticated CO2 laser, which is the most appropriate and safe method for treating warts

– How does Laser CO2 work in treating warts?

All failures are eliminated using Laser CO2. It is the most appropriate and safe method for treating warts. With Laser CO2, we selectively target the lesions and cause their sublimation. Immediately afterwards, gently scrape of the damaged skin lesions takes place and we repeat the application of the Laser CO2 in the same areas, but also a few millimeters around them, to ensure the complete and effective elimination of warts.

– How many sessions are required?

In many cases, one session is enough. However, in every treatment we eliminate the warts that exist at that time. As HPV has an incubation time of about 8 months, it is important to systematically monitor for the next 8 months. In this way, we detect any secondary damage and eliminate it in time to avoid recurrences. At the same time it is necessary to examine the sexual partner. Ensuring that, if he/ she has developed warts, he/ she is treated accordingly to avoid re-infection between the couple. Clinical studies have also shown that the application of lasers to warts is associated with a lower risk of relapses. As their recurrence afterwards is significantly reduced. However, in every treatment we eliminate the warts that exist at that time.

– It is painful to treat acute warts with Laser CO2?

The application is done after using local anesthetic cream in the treated area and it is very well tolerated, characterized by the absence of postoperative pain and scarring. It has rapid healing, making the return to the patient’s daily activities immediate, while the aesthetic result is excellent. Treatment of warts with Laser CO2 is bloodless, painless and without scars.


(Human Papillomavirus) is the virus responsible for the appearance of acute condyloma



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