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Mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides

Targeted mesotherapies with the appropriate formula of biomimetic peptides applied by Dr Anastasia Tzouma can provide spectacular solutions to anti-ageing, discoloration and fat dissolution.

Over time the natural production of peptides in the skin decreases. Therefore, we need to replenish them in order to maintain skin’s healthy appearance. Mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides is a method based on the properties of peptides, the structural elements of our skin. It is the new weapon against skin ageing and discoloration.

– How do biomimetic peptides work?

Peptides are complex molecules made up of two or more chains of amino acids, the structural elements that are naturally present in the skin. In our clinic we apply the new biomimetic peptide technology of the PROSTROLANE series, which is based on their steady and gradual release into the skin.

Biomimetic peptides, as they are similar to those of the body, act directly on cell receptors and are released into the deeper layers of the skin, imitating the action of natural peptides. They are embedded in crossed hyaluronic acid which is their “vehicle” for transporting them to the point we want to treat. After their injection, they are gradually released over 15 days until they are completely and naturally degraded.

– How do they differ from traditional mesotherapy?

Biomimetic peptides, as structural elements of the skin itself, allow the transport and release of extremely large amounts of active ingredients in far fewer sessions than traditional mesotherapy. They are targeted mesotherapies for firming, whitening or fat dissolution. While the hyaluronic acid they contain is not the molecule we use in traditional mesotherapy for deep hydration only. Here the hyaluronic acid is a crossed molecule which besides hydration also works as a skin booster. Thus, they have better stability and effectiveness than a traditional mesotherapy.

– The right formula for every problem
Biomimetic peptides can be applied at any age and depending on the problem and its size, we use the appropriate protocol.

Injected mesotherapy with Natural B biomimetic peptides restores growth factor levels. It stimulates the skin’s natural mechanisms to restore ageing. Effectively improves fine lines and wrinkles. It restores pigmentation and tightens the skin, making the skin more radiant and firm.

The main role of these peptides is to tighten the skin and reshape the contour.

Injected mesotherapy with Blanc B biomimetic peptides effectively treats heterogeneous facial pigmentary disorders, such as melasma. Biomimetic peptides inhibit the action of tyrosinase. It is the enzyme responsible for the appearance of discolorations. This is a new treatment of melasma with a stable but also very impressive effect that can be done in the summer months.

Inner B injectable mesotherapy contains active peptides imitating the natural proteins that regulate lipid metabolism. So as they enhance the burning process, they can help in fat dissolution and also, in reducing stored fat and preventing the deposition of new fat.

The most common area of application is the cheek and small areas of the body.

Two to four sessions one month apart are required to complete the results. Each protocol is personalised.

“Peptides that mimic the action of skin proteins can provide spectacular solutions to the most difficult beauty problems”



sessions are enough to complete the results of mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides



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