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Mesotherapy for Cellulite & Local Fat

For each local fat problem there is an appropriate mesotherapeutic substance with a fat-soluble, anti-inflammatory, diuretic or tightening action.

The problem of local fat is never a simple story. Lipodystrophy, cellulitis and skin relaxation are complex issues. To deal with them, we need to act on many levels, from the fat deposits that are in the background to the local fluid retention, while at the same time we need to correct the skin that suffers from relaxation. For each of these needs there is an appropriate mesotherapeutic substance with fat-soluble, anti-inflammatory, diuretic or tightening action. At Tzouma Clinic, for each case we prepare our own personalized mesotherapy cocktail and design a personalized application program. In this way we maximize the action of the active substances and achieve impressive results.

– How does mesotherapy work?

At Tzouma Clinic we create “sur mesure” treatments for every patient. We select the active ingredients according to the properties we are interested in, we combine them and thus result in a new, personalized therapeutic solution. The application is done locally with injections of mesotherapy, the most effective method for transferring active substances to the lower layers of the skin. When they reach their target, the active substances act therapeutically to correct the image of cellulite and local fat.

– Is it a painful treatment?

With the application of ice for ten minutes in the area, mesotherapy for cellulite is very well tolerated. The only complication of treatment is bruising due to the needle. 

– How many sessions are needed and how often?

In cellulite mesotherapy 4 to 6 sessions are needed with an interval of 7-15 days depending on the case. Lipodilution sessions are performed once a month and usually require 2 to 4 repetitions when it comes to monotherapy. If treatments such as LPG or Venucian Carboxytherapy are combined in the intervals, then the sessions needed are much fewer.

– When will I see results?

Mesotherapy for the correction of cellulite and local fat has rapid results which can be seen from the second session. With the individualization of treatment the results are unique!

“The active substances are channeled to the heart of the problem, always according to the completely personalized protocol.”

– NEW: Lipodilution with enzymes

A unique system of recombinant enzymes can effectively combat cellulite and local fat. Pbserum sera are a revolutionary line of enzymes that provide a solution to cellulite, local fat and relaxation. Enzymes such as lipase and collagenase offer image enhancement and point loss. These enzymes are used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their biochemical characteristics and efficacy on the skin tissue. 

– How does it work?

Pbserum selectively dissolves accumulated lipids by mobilizing local fat. The reduction is done around the perimeter and thus manages to improve cellulite and local fat storage.


the number of sessions required to complete the treatment with an interval of 7-15 days



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