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Facial Sculpture

Liquid Lift

Liquid Lift is the quickest, easiest and most painless way for a face that wants to become more and more beautiful as it ages.

Hyaluronic acid with the microcannula technique

It is the safest, most painless and most natural way to restore wrinkles and lost facial volume.

Dark Circle Correction with Microcannulas

The eye area is a facial area that both men and women are concerned about. Loss of volume in the tear line as well as dark circles under the eyes can be easily corrected with hyaluronic acid, and thus the face looks fresher and healthier.

Facial contouring with hyaluronic acid

Firm facial contours with clear lines and a harmonious chin. Dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma performs the ideal contouring with the completely atraumatic technique thanks to the use of microcannula and a new special hyaluronic acid on the contour, chin and corners of the face.

Botulinum Toxin – The miracle of wrinkle disappearance

Dermatologist Dr Anastasia Tzouma has been trained in anti-aging facial treatments with botulinum toxin at the Esthetic Skin Institute in New York, the best training and certification center in the US.

Rhinoplasty without scalpel

Refining the profile in a single office visit.

Lip augmentation

The dream of most women comes true with the Da Vinci technique by Dr. Anastasia Tzouma, with just one visit to the clinic.

Aptos threads for Tightening and Lifting

No surgery, no pain, no scars. Meet the serrated threads that revolutionized non-invasive facelift techniques.

Contouring with COG threads

For the face that is sagging and losing its tight contour, doctors have so far had no non-surgical immediate solution. Today, dermatologist DrAnastasia Tzouma applies the safe method of tightening the contour with cog threads, or thread lifting.

Correction of dewlap

An innovative combination of lipolysis with lifting threads – also known as Happy Lift – eliminates double chin and gives the face a lift, making it look lighter and happier.

Neck Lift by Dr Anastasia Tzouma

A tired neck adds years even to an otherwise youthful face. Doctor Anastasia Tzouma’s exclusive protocol gives excellent results.



Personalised Mesotherapy

The appropriate personalized mesotherapy protocol based on the needs of each person offers immediate and deep hydration without adding volume but only giving a healthy and natural appearance of freshness to the skin.

Skin Boosters: the natural strengthening of the skin

A refreshed, firm, radiant and fully hydrated face with the power of Skin Boosters.

Mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides

Targeted mesotherapy with the appropriate formula of biomimetic peptides applied by Dr Anastasia Tzouma can provide spectacular solutions to anti-aging, discoloration and fat dissolution.

Autologous Mesotherapy

Ever since Kim Kardashian tried it on camera, autologous facial mesotherapy – otherwise known as the Vampire Lift – has been in high demand.

Microneedling με SkinPen

Personalized microneedling protocols for natural collagen stimulation and scalpel-free regeneration, with the most modern FDA aproved devices in the world.

Jalupro – Bio-renewal with amino acids

Mesotherapy with Jalupro restores radiance and firmness to dull skin, prevents and reduces sagging (face and body) but also improves the appearance of scars (such as acne), keloids and stretch marks.

Jalutoxin – Botox mesotherapy

The new combination of botulinum toxin type A together with Jalupro amino acids and hyaluronic acid, revolutionizes rejuvenation.

Face and neck tightening with Thermage Cpt

The new Thermage Cpt is the evolution in Thermage technology, the first to get FDA approval for firming the face, neck and body and the only one approved for the eyelids. It stimulates collagen production and activates the natural processes of regeneration.

Tightening with Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy’s revolutionary technology combines many different actions to firm the face, neck and sculpt the body.

Menoperfect for Menopause

The beauty of maturity is now highlighted with the clinic’s special exclusive menoperfect protocols

Hand Treatment by Dr Anastasia Tzouma

Even if we have taken care to erase the signs of time from the face, tired hands are the “telltale” part of the body that betrays age. To treat the hands, Dr. Anastasia Juma has designed an exclusive protocol that achieves natural results for skin health.

PRX-T33® – Bio-stimulation Peeling

The new modern version of bio-stimulation peelings without recovery, gives a solution to multiple problems.


Flawless Skin

Know the future of your skin now

There is a reliable and proven way to predict how the skin will age, to find out what damage will occur and to design the right treatments to prevent it. It’s the Visia machine that takes special pictures of the face and measures 8 specific parameters to diagnose problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Hydrafacial – The ultimate glow, hydration and antioxidant treatment

More than just a treatment, the new Hydrafacial arrives at Tzouma Clinic with the best recommendations from all over the world and the most enthusiastic audience.

Hydrafacial by Dr Zein Obagi

Η απόλυτη εμπειρία του Hydrafacial, στην πιο deluxe εκδοχή της, εμπλουτισμένη με τα medical προϊόντα του Dr Zein Obagi.

And yet, the melasma goes out!

Tzouma Clinic’s innovative protocols treat melasma and eliminate the risk of unwanted recurrences.

Dr Tzouma Deep Oxygen Hydration

An end to dehydrated skin from the very first session.

Bride to be – For the most beautiful moment of your life

We reveal the natural glow of the skin, enhance your beauty, with treatments specially designed for brides.

Deep Medical Cleaning – Dermabrasion with microcrystals

The secret to clean skin is no longer steam but mechanical micro-crystal dermabrasion in a personalised exfoliation programme.

Happy Mom – For the period after pregnancy

The skin recovers thanks to technologies that can be applied even in the postpartum period.

After Sun – For the period after the summer

The sun is the number one cause of premature aging of the skin. Correct its signs on the skin immediately after the holidays to prevent photo-aging.

Blotches end with Pico Laser

Treatment with Pico Laser, the most effective laser in the world, for a face without discoloration and scars in a single session with minimal recovery time.

Regeneration with Laser / Fraxel, Pico & CO2

Thanks to the advanced technology of Fraxel, Pico and CO2 lasers, we erase wrinkles, acne scars, sagging, stretch marks, freckles and tattoos in a very short time and with a very simple recovery.

Sensitive Area Whitening Peeling

Pink Peel whitening is an innovative treatment that offers a new minimally invasive solution for whitening, lifting and rejuvenating the skin in sensitive areas.

Skinceuticals Antioxidant Peeling

It is an adaptive chemical peel that fights hyperpigmentation, offering improvement of the uneven appearance of photoaged skin and enhancement of its radiance.



Acne is cured without drugs

The innovative Acne Stop protocol designed individually for each patient provides a solution to even the most difficult and persistent acneic skin without medication.

Dermalux phototherapy

The internationally awarded non-invasive phototherapy, ideal for the treatment of acne, rosacea and discolorations, rejuvenates the skin and stimulates its elasticity.

Treatment with Pico Laser & Black Diamond

Η πιο διαδεδομένη θεραπεία των star του Hollywood ήρθε στην Tzouma Clinic, και πραγματοποιείται με το κορυφαίο όλων των laser ανάπλασης του δέρματος Discovery Pico Plus της Quanta.

ScaRemove Protocol by Dr Anastasia Tzouma – Scars fade away!

Where even the most invasive solutions fail, the exclusive personalized ScaRemove protocol for acne scars achieves the impossible.

Rosacea Acme

For “adult acne” there is an effective, safe and painless treatment with the healing power of light.

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