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Liquid Lift

Liquid Lift is the shortest, easiest and most painless way for a face that wants to become more and more beautiful as it ages.

Imagine a face that looks more rested, more youthful, more beautiful without surgical lifting. What’s the secret? The innovative technique applied by dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma is called liquid lift by Dr Tzouma, it takes a few minutes, gives immediate results and the correction lasts more than a year. But even then, the face will look more youthful than before. After all, it is well known that regular maintenance is the only way to look beautiful all the time. This treatment changes the way we age.

Doctor Anastasia Tzouma is an expert in anti-ageing with the microcannula technique. She was trained at the Skin Esthetic Institute in New York and in the largest capitals of Europe. She is one of the first doctors worldwide who were trained in liquid lift and applied this technique in Greece. She has applied this technique by putting her own personal touch, liquid lift by Dr Tzouma, to hundreds of women and men with results that were both natural and long lasting over time. And this happens because the goal is a healthy overall facial appearance and not just the correction of a wrinkle. She uses only branded juviderm and restylane materials as well as the most advanced TSK microcannulas.

– What is Liquid Lift?

Liquid lifting is an innovative technique for a natural face lifting effect without surgery. It is a combination of branded, certified injectable materials with special atraumatic techniques. These are applied exclusively by Dr Tzouma, after studying many different faces over the years.

– Which materials are used and what technique is applied?

Starting from top to bottom we defeat gravity with the laws of physics. Without using a lot of heavy and deforming materials. Initially botulinum toxin is used to soften expression lines on the forehead, eyes and mid face. The aim is to calm the movements and give a relaxed look. Then either on the same day or in 15 days, a facial design, repositioning of lost volumes and study of the overall image are done. We start from the mid face and leave the facial contour last, which will be improved by lifting the upper and mid face. This way we will use the least possible materials. The hyaluronic acid that we will use with the microcannula technique replenishes the lost volume first in the cheekbones and temples and lastly in the angles and contours of the face. It also fills wrinkles where needed such as nasal grooves or smoker’s wrinkles, but also accentuates our natural features.

Doctor Anastasia Tzouma is one of the first doctors worldwide who were trained in Liquid Lift and applied this technique in Greece.

– What is the result of liquid Lift?

This way we improve the face holistically, fighting gravity and giving a natural, healthy and fresh look to the face with no volumes that were not there before and no deformities. We turn back time.

– How long will the effect of liquid Lift last?

The effect will last more than a year. In combination with the right anti-ageing products, it can last much longer. The only thing that will need repeating sooner is the botulinum toxin treatment at 6 months.

– How long does the treatment last and is it painful?

The treatment takes about 30 minutes. Only 30 minutes is enough to enhance the natural features of the face. It is a atraumatic and painless technique thanks to the use of special microcannulas as well as the application of local anesthesia to specific parts of the face.

– When can I return to my daily routine?

The return to daily routine is immediate. The face in the following hours or even 1-2 days may have a mild swelling and rarely there may be small usually bruises (ecchymosis). Make-up is allowed from the very first moment after application.


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