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Cryolipolysis with Cryokontur

The fastest, painless and simple way to get rid of the local fat.

Cryolipolysis is a new revolutionary non-invasive method of reducing local fat. It is based on a fully controlled cooling mechanism which destroys the targeted fat cells with absolute accuracy.

– How does cryolipolysis work exactly?

The target area is cooed to a constant temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Thecooling is channeled into the adipose tissue. The cooling process takes about an hour and its purpose is to bring the fatty tissue to a temperature sufficient to be destroyed and then drain through the lymphatic system. The surrounding tissues, such as skin, vessels and nerves, remain intact.

– What is the procedure followed in cryolipolysis?

Clinic physicians evaluate all cases of cryolipolysis prior to the first session and monitor their progression up to two months after the completion of the sessions. After receiving a detailed medical history, all patients who are about to undergo cryolipolysis are given lipometry, detailed fat recording per body area, muscle mass measurement, fluid retention and BMI. At the same time, the treated areas are measured and photographed. This process is repeated two months after the last session in the free follow up that follows in order to compare the results and evaluate with absolute accuracy the effectiveness of the treatment. 

– Is it a safe method?

One of America’s largest universities, Harvard, after extensive studies concluded that liposculpture, with the help of cryolipolysis, which has been used for several years in the country, is a safe non-invasive method of reducing local fat, without side effects. The method has been officially approved by the FDA.

– Who is the treatment for?
  • Ideal candidates are those who control their diet and in particular those who follow a Mediterranean diet, do not deviate much from their normal weight and have local fat deposition
  • It is addressed to men and women with local fat that even after extensive diet and exercise the fat persists.
  • It is not intended for obese people and is not a method of slimming.
– In which areas of the body is it applied?

Most cryolipolysis systems are applied to the abdomen and ¨love handles¨ but on   small surfaces. At Tzouma Clinic we have the first German cryolipolysis system in Greece with new compressor technology and the ability to heal large surfaces. It is applied to most areas of the body such as belly, love handles, adductors and thighs.

The result is not affected by whether the patient stops exercising, gains weight or changes diet

– When does the patient begin to see a result and what exactly does he expect?

The patient begins to see a marked reduction in fat after 30 to 45 days, which is completed in 3 to 4 months. Damaged fatty tissue is removed and drained during this period without burdening the body through urination. There are many studies that support this by highlighting the cryolipolysis method in the safest non-invasive technique of reducing local fat. The result is measured and most of the time leads us to one or two size smaller clothes. Kryokontur promises from 2.5 to 5 cm smaller hipline with a single session and in a single application area.

– How many sessions are required?

Given the huge head that Kryokontur has, with an area of 340 and 350 cm, it is capable of effectively cooling almost the entire abdomen or love handles, in a single session. It has twice the time to destroy larger amounts of fat, and three times the size of the head so fat loss can reach 50%. The patient can resume treatment if needed at the same site after 2 months and at a different site after one month. Within the same month there can be two large areas but this is personalized. It’s done in the clinic without anesthesia.

– Is it a painful treatment?

Most patients find the application painless and quite pleasant. Initially they feel a slight cold sensation which disappears within 10 minutes. After that they feel so comfortable with the treatment that they might even fall asleep. Immediately after treatment they return to daily activities without any restrictions.

– How long is the treatment?

The duration varies from 70 to 90 minutes depending on the area being treated. The doctors of Tzouma Clinic determine the treatment time based on the area and the percentage of fat. 

– Are there any contraindications to this treatment?
  • Pregnancy-Breastfeeding
  • Cold urticaria
  • Cryoglobulinemia
– Are there any side effects?
  • Immediately after application there is a feeling of coldness in the area which disappears within a few minutes.
  • A mild redness may persist 2-3 hours. Rarely numbness is reported in the area that recedes in 2-3 weeks.
  • Unlike older technologies, with this new technology we rarely see compressor bruising, due to the gentle suction.
– How long does cryolipolysis last? Is it influenced by other factors?

The result is final. In the area we have treated, up to 50% of the local fat is permanently destroyed. With this new compressor technology, the system reaches 90% performance and not 10% performance that we had with previous systems. The result is not affected by whether the patient stops exercising, gains weight or changes diet.

– Is the treatment environmentally friendly?

This system is environmentally friendly since it does not use refrigerants and freons.

– Is cryolipolysis combined with other treatments?

In several cases we combine cryolipolysis with LPG Lipomassage for faster drainage of damaged fat cells from the body through lymphatic circulation. We usually recommend 4 lymphatic massages after the cryolipolysis session. Cryolipolysis can be combined with all body treatments, such as Venus Legacy, Venucian Carboxytherapy and body mesotherapies.

5 cm

Kryokontur promises up to 5cm less circumference with a single session in a single application area





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