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Bride to be – For the most beautiful moment in your life

We reveal the natural glow of the skin, highlight your beauty, with treatments specifically designed for brides.

At Tzouma Clinic we achieve what makeup can never achieve: we make the skin radiate from vitality and health. Its glow stems from the stimulation of cell renewal and internal hydration. To reveal the natural beauty we combine four innovative methods in personalized protocols which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each skin. Three clinic visits are required to implement the protocol.

Step 1ο: Visia Dermoanalysis

The examination with the dermoanalysis system Canfield VISIA® is the most objective and scientific way of diagnosing skin problems, and even up to the deeper layers (dermis, subcutaneous). In addition, it is possible to digitally record this visual information, so that after the treatment is completed, the previous condition can be compared to the new one. Based on the data of the examination, the parameters of each protocol are individualized.

Step 2ο: Deep Medical Cleaning

At the same visit with Visia, deep medical cleaning is carried out using the dermabrasion method. Exfoliation is achieved by the spraying of sterile microcrystals of aluminium or corundum onto the upper layers of the skin, which are simultaneously aspirated to remove dead cells. This exfoliates the surface layers of the skin without a trace of injury, while draining impurities and sebum. Comedones and cysts are then opened and the closed sebum is removed, a full cleaning of the pores takes place, always under the supervision and guidance of a doctor. 

Step 3ο: Fire & Ice Face Care

Two weeks after the deep medical cleansing we proceed to the Fire & Ice ritual, the most immediate and effective treatment for glowing skin in view of any significant appearance. It is based on products of the IS Clinical American company. Stars always do it before their obligations on the red carpet and it is necessary on a regular basis for the good health of the skin that suffers from the demanding makeup. The “fire” in its name symbolizes the heat that peeling develops while the “ice” refers to the recovery and cool hydration that is applied afterwards. 

Step 4ο: Absolute hydration with Elemis Biotec or Obagi Hydrafacial

One week after Fire & Ice and a few days before the wedding ceremony we proceed to the last step, this deep hydration. We choose between Elemis Biotec (Hilton Clinic) and Obagi Hydrafacial (Petralona Clinic).

Elemis Biotec: Elemis technology offers the skin the ultimate rejuvenation experience with a single machine. Its first function is micro currents that retrain the muscles to tighten the face. The second is ultrasonic peel, an ultrasonic spatula that vibrates 27000 times per second, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. The third is the galvanic current that creates a polarity in the skin in order to open the pores and maximize the absorption of the substances we offer. The fourth is LED phototherapy in 7 colors. The fifth is oxygen therapy with 95% oxygen and the sixth is cryotherapy for tightening to 0, -5 and -10 degrees Celsius.

Obagi Hydrafacial: Hydrafacial is a multi-treatment that includes four stages: exfoliation, hydration, correction of defects such as blackheads and pimples and total facial rejuvenation. It is the right treatment for the deep hydration and nourishment of dry and dull skin and offers strong anti-aging and antioxidant action thanks to the serum Obagi. It is also an ideal solution for treating oily or acne prone skin, while reducing enlarged pores.

When should the injections be given?

Injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid for moisturizing the lips, skin booster for firm skin and botox for a restful look should be scheduled at least one month before the wedding ceremony. The philosophy of Dr. Anastasia Tzouma as well as the clinic doctors is the natural and healthy result.

Be beautiful, be you!

Three-day intensive care for brides with natural beauty and self-confidence


month before the important event – at least – the Injectable treatments should be scheduled

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