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Βοτουλινική Τοξίνη – Το θαύμα της εξαφάνισης των ρυτίδων

Dermatologist Dr Anastasia Tzouma has been trained in anti-ageing facial treatments with botulinum toxin at the Esthetic Skin Institute in New York, the best training and certification center in the USA.

Botulinum toxin is a protein that relaxes the facial muscles. It is the best wrinkle prevention and correction treatment.

– How does botulinum toxin work?

As the active substance prevents the release of acetylcholine, it interrupts the transfer of nerve impulses to the muscles and causes relaxation and a decrease in their mobility. It restricts their reactions so that they relax. They cannot contract strongly and therefore cannot create wrinkles. In case static wrinkles have already formed, its action leads to gradual smoothing and reduction of their depth.

– In which areas is botulinum toxin applied?

Botulinum toxin is applied to the forehead area, in the midface, at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), on the neck and along the line of the lower jaw. It also corrects fine wrinkles on the lower eyelid and nose. With scattered small superficial injections (mesobotox) it is used on the cheeks to correct fine superficial wrinkles that appear mainly on very dry and dehydrated faces. The result is as impressive as a face lift.

– Is it applicable to all wrinkles?

There are two types of wrinkles:

  • Dynamic wrinkles. These are the wrinkles caused when the skin folds in the contraction of muscles during expression. This is when the laugh and frown lines are formed as well as the horizontal lines on the forehead, which Botox can effectively smooth.
  • Static wrinkles. These are the wrinkles caused by ageing, loss of elastin and collagen, and loss of skin consistency.

Botox, i.e. botulinum toxin treatment is indicated for the treatment of dynamic wrinkles on the upper part of the face. In other words, it is suitable for expression lines that are the result of facial muscle contractions. It is not indicated for static wrinkles that are the result of ageing and relaxation of the skin. However, it leads to their progressive but not immediate improvement.

– What is the procedure?

The application is simple, it takes a few minutes. It is almost painless and consists of injecting small amounts of diluted solution into the underlying muscles to induce their relaxation. The needles used are very thin making the treatment very well tolerated without the need for anaesthetic cream. Dr. Anastasia Tzouma as well as the specialised doctors of Tzouma Clinic initially plan the injection sites with great precision according to the mobility of the muscles and of course following the patient’s expectations. Then, botulinum protein solution is injected at the sites/points we have previously planned. We always keep an exact sketch of the points and the units used for the next time. This enables us to personalise the treatment protocol and consistently give our patients the result they want. In 15 days when the full effect of the botulinum protein, i.e. Botox, has been achieved, we always recommend a repeat free review appointment to improve the result.

“Successful Botox is when the patient retains the full range of facial expression”

– How long does the treatment last?

The duration of the treatment is 10-15 minutes.

– How will my face look immediately after the botulinum toxin treatment?

The patient can return to work immediately afterwards. Small blisters at the injection sites usually last 10-15 minutes. Rarely, some minor ecchymosis may occur. Make-up is normally allowed.

– What are the effects of botulinum toxin treatment and when do they show?

The effects are not immediate but start to be seen in the next 3 to 7 days. In 15 days when the full effect of the drug is complete a review is done to see if any dose is added. The effects are the disappearance of expression lines on the forehead, mid head and crow’s feet. We prevent permanent static wrinkles from being imprinted and soften the folds on the neck. The glow and relaxed appearance of a face after Botox treatment is impressive and is due to the relaxation of the muscles and the euphoria that possesses the patient.

– How long does the result last?

The duration ranges from 4 to 6 months depending on the case. After 3-4 treatments, the interval between 2 applications is increased as the movements that caused the wrinkles are reduced. It is very important that as long as the effect lasts, the wrinkle does not get worse. It remains stagnant over time. This means that injections with this protein act as an important means of preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

– What should the patient pay attention to after treatment?
  1. Lying down, weight lifting or bending over are prohibited for 6 hours.
  2. Vigorous physical activity or presence in areas of intense heat is prohibited for the next 2 or even 3 24 hours.
  3. Alcohol and aspirin are prohibited until the next day.
  4. Friction at injection sites is prohibited for 12 hours.
– At what age do we start treatment with botulinum toxin?

At younger ages, treatment with botulinum toxin is like applying sun screen, i.e. to prevent skin ageing and the appearance of permanent static wrinkles. Usually, patients after 25 start the treatment as a precaution in individual areas of intense expressiveness with small units of botulinum toxin. It depends of course on the skin type and the expressiveness of the face. Thin and light complexions get wrinkles earlier as well as very expressive people and especially men. So the skin determines the treatment. We choose the strength of the solution, the number of injections and the frequency of repetition.

– Is it allowed in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

There are no scientific studies on the safety of the treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, we do not recommend its use in these situations.

– Is there a mini treatment?

You’ve certainly seen it, but you didn’t get it at first glance and that’s the secret of the treatment. It’s actually the mini botox, which is a smaller dose of the drug with shorter intervals between applications in order to avoid frozen expressions in young people or people with little expressiveness. It is always preceded by an evaluation by the doctor because it is not indicated in everyone. The effect is simply a relaxed face.

– Is there a risk from botulinum toxin treatment?

Botulinum toxin is an FDA-approved material. When the injections are applied by a qualified doctor such as a dermatologist with extensive experience and special certified training and the protocol is followed with the correct dosages and frequency of injections, then the results are completely safe.

– Is there any chance that my face could be frozen and expressionless?

There is no such thing. The certified and properly trained doctor knows very well the doses needed for a natural result and of course these doses are definitely personalised and different for each patient. The injection points and doses are always recorded so that we know next time exactly what we have done giving our patient the security of a consistent result. But the most important thing is the philosophy of the doctor and, by extension, the clinic we will visit. At Tzouma Clinic our main concern is the preservation of the patient’s personality and the natural result. Healthy faces, full of freshness and radiance!


From this age Botox is applied to prevent the formation of expression wrinkles




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