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Augustinus Bader The Method by Dr Tzouma

The combination of modern massage techniques and innovative tools with the award-winning formulas of Augustinus Bader, stimulate and revitalize the skin making it extremely shiny and more sculpted while giving a sense of well-being.

Professor Augustinus Bader is a biologist and doctor, world renowned for his research in stem cells and regenerative medicine. The treatment of The Method embraces the biological wisdom of the skin and achieves better communication between cells and stem cells. This promotes self-healing by correcting any beauty problem that concerns us, such as acne, aging or discoloration. At Tzouma Clinic we apply The Method by Dr. Anastasia Tzouma for even more impressive results in skin regeneration. 

– How does it work?

The treatment action is developed through the formulas and through the magic formula of TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) which consists of 40 active ingredients, such as amino acids, high quality vitamins and synthetic molecules that mimic the youthful functions of skin cells. Essentially we give the tools to stem cells to communicate and mimic each other with more health, as happens in a baby’s skin.

– What’s the procedure?

We start with double cleansing, first balm and then gel. This is followed by the exfoliation with Bader’s essence containing salicylic acid and wasabi fermentation. After the process is over, we apply the most micromolecular product available, The Serum, and we massage the fascia with The Face Oil for 15 minutes, that achieves tissue mobilization and prepares the skin to receive TFC8. Then we apply the hyaluronic acid sheet mask and activate it with the activator which is a concentrated form of TFC8. Above the mask we place the oxygen and negative ions dome which stimulates the functions of the skin cells and increases their oxygenation. At the same time we massage the hands and shoulders with The Body Cream. We remove the mask and finish with the finishing ritual during which we apply the cream that suits the needs of the skin. We finish with the face oil.

– What will the skin be like afterwards?

After treatment, the skin is smooth, visibly shiny and rested.  

– Is it painful treatment?

The experience is particularly pleasant and relaxing. During the application of the mask, the hands and shoulders are massaged at the same time. The oxygen and negative ion dome helps to better oxygenate the entire body and creates a feeling of well-being.

– How many reps does it take?

If the goal is to smooth, shine and stimulate cell metabolism the treatment can only be done once. But if we want to make the most of its action for the juvenile function of cells, it can be repeated 6 times, once every 15 days.

This exclusive treatment is applied in very limited areas around the world chosen by the team of Professor Augustinus Bader and one of them is our new clinic in the Hilton area


the active ingredients included in the magic recipe TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex)




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